Discover What is The Student
Experience® Survey?

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The Student Experience® Survey

  • Taken online in less than 15 minutes, preserving valuable instructional time.
  • Timely, actionable feedback for educators at the classroom level.
  • Important complement to existing measures.

Student feedback provides essential information to support educational improvement.

The Student Experience® Survey was developed by Battelle for Kids, in collaboration with Gallup®, to provide educators with a more complete picture of what matters most to student success now and in the future. The survey captures student feedback at the classroom level around four key themes:
  • Classroom Hope: The ideas and energy students have for the future.
  • Classroom Engagement: Students’ involvement in and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Classroom Belonging: Students feel cared for and respected.
  • Classroom Management: A classroom that is conducive to learning.

Designed for students in grades 4–12, The Student Experience® Survey can be completed online in less than 15 minutes, protecting valuable instructional time while providing timely and actionable feedback to support educational improvement. Educators can customize the survey to get a snapshot of the student learning experience by classroom, course, class period, or grade.

Survey items are based on years of Gallup research around hope and engagement. The items also measure select educator standards from across the country for creating a classroom environment that fosters learning and student well-being.