Prepare Principals

Step 1: DISCOVER The Student Experience® Survey, including why student feedback is important, what the survey measures, and how the results can be used to support educational improvement.

Step 2: Identify a survey coordinator for your school.

Step 3: Work with the survey coordinator and other leaders in the school to develop a plan for implementing the survey, including who is participating (classrooms, courses, class periods, and grades), when and where participants will take the survey, and how the building will ensure all protocols for standardized administration are followed and how the building will ensure standardized administration procedures are followed.

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Step 4: Meet with teachers and other leaders in the school. Ask questions, identify opportunities, and address any challenges around implementing The Student Experience® Survey. All staff should understand who is taking the survey, when it will be administered, and how the results can and will be used. Show the video “Why is The Student Experience® Survey important for educators?” to build teachers’ awareness of the survey and encourage reflection about the impact of their practices on student learning. Share the standardized administration procedures and survey administration script.

Step 5: Work with your survey coordinator to ensure that all teachers, courses, class periods, and grades that are participating in the survey are loaded in the survey administration system. Download instructions on how to log in and get started.

Step 6: RESPOND by reviewing your school’s survey reports, reflecting on the results, and collaborating with your teachers around opportunities and strategies for improvement.