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Educators who are participating in The Student Experience® Survey have access to a Teacher Action Guide with research-based strategies to inform reflective response, professional practice, and collaborative conversations in response to their survey results. Click here and login to download the Action Guide and get started.

The hopeful share core beliefs that set them apart from others: the future will be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so - writes Gallup's Shane Lopez. How can you foster student hope in the classroom? According to the Gallup Student Poll, hopeful students are often engaged students. As students become more commited to their goals for the future, they become more actively engaged in the process of learning. What strategies help encourage student engagement in the classroom? Creating a sense of belonging goes further than the teacher modeling this behavior. Care and respect between students is equally important. How can you build relationships of care and respect in the classroom? Classrooms with clear expectations for behaviors, procedures, and organization provide an environment conductive to learning. How might you collaborate with your colleagues to strenghten the management of your classroom?